Why You Can’t Bomb Your Way To Peace – Poem by Marius Mason

Why You Can’t Bomb Your Way To Peace

A steel-walled room, enclosed and full
Of children playing, grandmothers and the wash and
angry young men with an ax to grind.
Oh yes, and a single shooter.
The loaded pistol raised,
What moral authority will pull the trigger?
And if it does, if judgment issues vengeance, eschews logic,
Directs the bullet outward
To the metal wall in a spirited trajectory
Behind their heads, they turn to look,
What then?
How can one possibly predict or calculate the collateral damage done
As that shot explodes in lethal fragments,
Around the room,
Seeking something soft.
“The rain falls equally upon the guilty and the innocent”, we have been told
A war like this, like weather flows
A flood that brooks no peace

Photo – Marius with his two kids

A photo of Marius with his two children, Andrei and Arianna.Marius’ children, Andrei and Arianna visited in December for Christmas. Despite the challenges of imprisonment and the distance between FMC Carswell and their homes, they have continued to stay strong together. Andrei and Arianna were also been an incredible source of strength and support for Marius during the difficult time in which his mother passed away.

Painting – Balancing Act (wolves, elk, us and all the rest)

A painting of an Elk and wolf paw, signifying the interrelationship of these animals.

“Balancing Act” (wolf, elk, us and all the rest) is a reflection on the important role that wolves play in ensuring ecological balance. In particular, it illustrates the connection between elk and wolves that transcends the predator/prey relationship, to honor how the health of both animals and their mutual interdependence is central to the stability of their local ecology. For further reading, the balance which wolves bring has been beautifully told in the book The Hidden Lives of Wolves.

For those interested in the topic, the website www.livingwithwolves.org monitors current science, legislation, public discussion and the effects of delisting the gray wolf.

Painting – Leelah Alcorn. . .Rest in Power

Marius Mason's painting of trans teen suicide victim Leelah Acorn

This painting was done as a memorial for Leelah Acorn, a trans teen who killed herself in Cincinnati by stepping in front of a truck. She was so despondent that she could not get her family’s support and despaired that she’d ever be able to become the person she felt herself to be. I think the conversion therapy that her folks put her in (they’re fundamentalist Christian and still refer to her as “Josh”) really made her hate herself and lose hope. I hurt so much with her and mourn her loss.

Important: Some of Marius’ Mail is Being Returned

We’ve received word from Marius that he is “a bit worried about some weird stuff with my mail.” He has been getting several pieces of mail from various folks returned to him.

For anyone who corresponds with him and has changed addresses recently,  please make a point to let Marius know or set up mail forwarding.

Specifically, to Bird, who sent him Feminism is for Everyone by bell hooks. He says, “It was a great book and I appreciated it (had read it a long time ago, but good to re-read) and had look forward to being in contact again.”

Also, if you have been expecting a response from Marius and haven’t received it, contact us at supportmariusmason@gmail.com