Painting – “Wearing Orange, Feeling Blue, Thinking Green”

Marius included this note with his most recent painting from the S.H.U.

“New ‘painting’ experiment, since losing my paints/brushes/paper. In the jail we used deodorant on magazines to get colors, not so easy to control how it goes on the though, or what the color ends up looking like… the pen has a hard time making a mark over the deodorant!”

Marie Mason Painting- Sea Nettles Take Over

“I was reading some recent articles about the long term effects of overfishing (besides the obvious decimation of many breeds of fish) and many marine biologists are noting the expansion of jellyfish everywhere in the ocean. These sea nettles were even featured in an outdoor adventure magazine, as swimmers and surfers are noticing their increasing prevalence…changes everywhere.”

-Marie Mason