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Pictures of Marius

Marius and his children (September 2013)


Marius and Angela (2013)

Marius and David (2013)


Razorwire (Mason’s band at Waseca prison) (2010)


Diana and Marius (Waseca prison) (2010)

Diana & mm

Marius at a demonstration against USA Today.



Marius at an anti-logging demonstration.

Marius speaking at a 30th Anniversary Fifth Estate event.
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Marius’ Cats

Marius loves his cats very much; supporters are caring for them while he remains imprisoned.

Darryl sitting on his house

Darryl sitting on his house.

Dana sitting regally on the bed.

The whole cat family: Dana, Pachouli, Serafina, Peace, and Darryl

Serafina looking better than ever.

Peace peeking out from under the covers.




“Poem 1″

“Poem 2″

“Poem 3″

“Sex and Revolution”

“Still and Yet”

“The Blues Are Older Than Memphis”




Isle of Windows (2011)

Entropy (2012)


Drawings 1

Drawings 2

Drawings 3

Drawings 4

Frida Kahlo (October 2009)

In Prison (March 2009)

Rupert’s Big Nite Out (2011)

There Goes the Neighborhood (2011)

11 (2011)

Owl (2011)

Joining Myrtle and Socks in a Daydream (2011)

untitled (2011)

untitled (2011)

Faroese Pilot Whale Hunt – The Grindadrap

Untitled Painting (2012)

Bristlecone Pine (March  2012)

Desert Lizard (May 2012)

Sea Nettles Take Over (2012)

Lula With Fireflies (2012)

Too Many Nettles (Not Enough Fish) (2012)

Self Portrait (2014)


“Until All Are Free”

Documentary on Political Prisoners Eric McDavid and Marie Mason

“Privatizing Our Water – Will the Air Be Next?”

(look for Marie Mason starting at 20:50)

Vandana Shiva on Marie Mason

Articles about Marius Mason

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Marius Mason


Frank Ambrose
Aren Burthwick
Stephanie Fultz
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