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“Birupes Simoroxigorum and Biopiracy”

Marius included with this painting: “The blue-legged beauty is a brand new species of tarantula discovered on Sarawok. Unfortunately, this shy creature was also found by three collectors/exporters of exotic species and they shipped out a great many (possibly thousands, they’re not forthcoming on the numbers) for sale of $300/a captive. Sadly, many of these […]

New Paintings from Marius

Marius sent these paintings to a friend and referenced these two articles as inspiration: “Long Delays in Banning Trade in Threatened Species” and “Saving China’s Onager” Please drop Marius a line whenever you see something about environmental activism, discoveries, or developments. He very much appreciates any information on the causes he cares about.

“If Wishes Were Fishes…” by Marius

This painting by Marius was inspired by an article he read in Science Magazine (From voluntary commitments to ocean sustainability). If you find articles that interest you in magazines, newspapers, zines, or online, consider sending them to Marius. News from friends, family, and supporters are often the only way he can learn about the causes […]

New Painting by Marius

Marius wanted to share a recent painting he completed of friend, poet, and comrade, Ron Allen (September 13, 1947 – August 10, 2010)

Water is Life

  Words and new painting from Marius.  Consider writing him your thoughts! Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061 FMC Carswell PO Box 27137 Fort Worth, TX 76127   I was reading Science Journal and there have been some articles published about some long-term studies being done on the effects of climate change (and less and less rainfall) […]

Chimpanzees and Sea Turtles

  Pan Troglodytes verus/Western Chimpanzee Marius writes: “The painting is of a chimpanzee in Moyen-Bafing National Park. In Guinea, there is a proposed 294 mega-watt hydro-electric dam which could cause the death of the 1500 which inhabit the park. This subspecies of chimpanzee has suffered habitat loss over the last 20 years causing their numbers […]

Considering Fish and Bears- new painting by Marius

Marius writes: “This summer has been freaking hot. I’ve been thinking a lot about how animals are adjusting. Bears eat fish often, and fish can’t breed as well in warm water (at least the salmon and trout don’t), so what happens to bears when there are less fish to eat? Do fish have a Plan […]

New Painting and Photo

Marius recently sent out a new painting and photo.  He writes: “This bird is part of a jungle mural I’d painted for a treatment/meditation room here on the unit.  It was only up for a couple of weeks and then I was asked to take it down, because they are doing massive reconstruction on our […]