It’s Like Aesop Said (an Election Year Cautionary Tale)

Oh these silly frogs, all day long they cry
God tossed back His head, annoyed, with a sigh
They pray for a King and don’t want to be free
What shall I do for them, why can’t they see?
A King is a dangerous thing
To have or to be
An idea came to Him then, with a smile
Alright, alright, He shouted down to them, just wait a while
I’ll make you a ‘leader’, let this praying be shushed!
Now get out of the way, or else you’ll be crushed
From the high vaults of heaven, dropped the prodigious log
Crashing into the waters of the little frogs’ bog
It settled, all sturdy, a place in the sun
And the frogs all jumped up to sit, one by one
An evil-eyed pike cruised the shadows and pouted
I can’t get you up there, not at all, he shouted
With a flick of his tail, he swam away fast
The little frogs sighed, safe and happy at last
But quickly grew bored, as little frogs do
Oh this log is no King! It can’t say what to do!
Their cries rose to Heaven and managed to reach
God’s angry ears, and a lesson He’d teach
Oh very well, I will send you a King
One made in Hell, I guess that’s the thing!
Enough of your whining, your foolishness dooms you
Here comes your King, you deserve him to rule you!
A black silhouette blocks the sun and the glade
And the frogs all look up from their place in the shade
An imperious heron, a beak sharp as a blade
Feathered pompadour floating, with tons of pomade
Has come to be King of the frogs.