• Daniel McGowan, former political prisoner

    Daniel McGowan

    “I have been inspired by Marius for years. From the time he was indicted and chose to walk a principled path to his continued fight to have his gender identity respected, Marius is a serious and admirable person. We need him free with us on the streets now more than ever.”

  • David Naguib Pellow, Director of the Global Environmental Justice Project at UC Santa Barbara

    “Marius Mason has an unwavering and inspiring dedication to building a world in which justice for all beings prevails.”

  • Leslie James Pickering, co-owner of Burning Books

    Leslie James Pickering

    “Marius Mason’s life is an extremely empowering example of our ability to struggle for justice, wilderness and autonomy.  That’s why this government wants to keep him imprisoned and that’s why it is so important for us to do all that we can to see him free.”

  • The Wooden Shoe Collective

    Block print of wooden shoe.

    “We greatly admire Marius’ courage and continued engagement with anarchist principles despite the malice dealt to him by the state.”

  • Vandana Shiva

    Photo of Indian woman with red shirt, shawl, and bindi. Blue background

    “I pay tribute to Marius Mason for what he did to keep our food systems, our agriculture and environment free of GMO’s. I think it is criminal that he is being treated like a criminal. And that is why we need a movement both for the rights of nature and the rights of the defenders of nature so they can get along with their work to protect this beautiful planet and our common freedoms.

  • Will Potter, Marsh Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan

    Will Potter

    “Before Marius Mason ever set foot in the courtroom, before the ink on his indictment had even dried, the government was smearing him as a ‘terrorist.'”