Support & Solidarity

Donate to Marius’ Support Fund

Please donate to Mason’s support fund!  All donations made through this website are used for Marius’ support.

Donations help Marius pay for postage and telephone and video calls home,  art supplies, magazine subscriptions, books, and other materials.  Visitors, including his children, friends, and supporters must fly to Connecticut to see him where they have rent a car and stay in a hotel near the prison. In order to maintain his health, Marius must buy additional food from the prison commissary.  Marius’ attorneys – even though they work pro bono – have expenses as well.

Checks or money orders should be made out to Julie Herrada or Peter Werbe; put “Marius Mason” on the subject line.
Support Marius Mason
POB 201016
Ferndale, MI 48220

You can also make a donation via Paypal.

Donations by Venmo are made through our friends at Fifth Estate: Please include a comment noting your donation is for Marius. @Fifth-Estate

Phone calls and letters

Letters are his main connection to the outside world, and as people become more digitally focused and less familiar with writing letters, letters have dropped off, contributing to his isolation. Marius is unlikely to write back due to limitations on his end, but he always appreciates connection to the outside world. For more info on writing

PHONE CALLS: Recordings of phone conversations with Marius are not allowed and will result in punitive repercussions for Marius. Any recordings must be approved by the prison.

Send Books

Books must be sent via Amazon, Powells bookstore, or directly from publisher. Marius can receive hard and softcover and 4 books at a time.  Your name must be included as the sender (although Marius doesn’t always receive this info so please also send him a separate card or a letter telling him you sent the book so he knows who sent it).

Marius frequently requests books on art, poetry, animals, social struggle, political theory, and how-to books on drawing/ painting.

Marius also has a wish list: CLICK HERE FOR BOOK LIST



General Support flyers

Spread the word about Marius! If you would like to make your own informational literature, please send us the text first. Marius’ has so little control of how he is represented, that he has requested the ability to review and edit flyers. Below are some zines, flyers, and posters that Marius’ has approved, and can be copied and distributed. You can also excerpt his bio 2016 for your own flyer designs. If you would like to receive a stack of informational postcards, please let us know 2 weeks before your planned event. email us at