Marius is a gifted artist and lends his talents to lift up people fighting for collective liberation, animals in their diverse displays of beauty and other themes of joy and resistance.

Woman with dark skin tone, hair up in fat curls with yellow ribbons, pastel background, "Jessica" in cursive and FSL2020 at bottom.

Jessica at the Hair Contest

Watercolor painting of a woman with light skin, red lips and red eyeshadow, hair sticking in ponytails going straight out, with a red streak in the middle of the brown hair in each pony tail. green and brown watercolor background.

Ashley at the Hair Contest

Kay-Kay at the hair contest.

Colored marker drawing of Marius with small beard, against trees.

Marius Self Portrait

Editha Dorothea Life after FSL 2021

Editha Dorothea (Life After FSL)

Editha Dorthea (or Edie, as we called her) was my bunkie here for a time.  She got a compassionate release, thank goodness.
Drawing of two people and a dog and child, heavily tatooed bald person holding dog and child, long haired smiling person next to them. Blue/green watercolor background

Never Together Again

Watercolor painting of two people hanging out, foreground of smiling bearded person with tatoos, background, woman w/long hair, tatoos, wallpaper of tropical drinks.

Just My Imagination

Watercolor painting of woman with brown, curly hair, orange prison shirt, smiling, with twinkle in her eye. Green/blue background


Collage of elements conveying the difficulties of quarantine life.


Textured painting of a Pangolin, gold and brown mammel amidst green/blue branches and background


Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin

The couple, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, were a kind of ‘power couple’ among LGBT activists in the Bay Area for many, many years.
Colored marker drawing of Marius with small beard, against trees.

FSL Danbury 2020 – self-portrait, color

Black and white drawing of Marius with trees in background

FSL Danbury 2020 – self portrait

Watercolor painting of three women with arms around eachother, smiling, trees in background.

Cornelia, Claire and Camille – Danbury

Painting of Sacco and Vanzetti.

Sacco and Vanzetti

Watercolor of two people, one with curly black hari and white clothing tatoos on arm, arm around perosn with hair wrap covering hair, tough, protective, caring expression. Prison yard with tree in background

Diana and Tiana

Watercolor, pen and ink of spotted salamander, with yellow randomly shapped spots.

Easter Tiger Salamander

Watercolor painting, splotchy blue and red and green sky, reflected in water below, with moose standing in water. Northern lights.

Light and Water

Ink painting in blacks and browns of Crocodile with swirls and stars

Narrow-Nosed Crocodile/Night Swim

Watercolor painting of Cinque - bear chested, holidng a bamboo stick, boat in distance

Joseph Cinque and the Amistad

Watercolor of Rino with trees in background

Rihnoseros Unicornis

Painting of pangolin on a rock, woods in background

Free Pangolin

Dragon’s Tail

pen and ink of 2 people, "climb high" in a heart above them, and a trans symbol in a heart under

The Smiths

Painting of male lion looking up

Lion in Spotlight

Old Man of the Forest

Painting of red panda, dark background.

Red Panda

Watercolor of sandhill crane, water background

Sandhill Crane

Pen and pencil of moose in a shaddow, lake and snow covered mountains

Moonlit Moose

Pen, ink, colored pencil drawing of elephant with blue background and stars, infinity sign underneath

Into Eternity?

pencil drawing of elk in medow, full moon behind a cloud

Elk Bugle


Pen and ink of Angela Davis, with words behind "Do men rape because they are men or are they socialized to inflict sexual violence on women?

Angela Davis

Pen and ink of bee at a flower

Bee, where are you now?

Geochelone elphantopus

Painting of oil well, horse, red flag, bones

Toxic Decisions: The Onager vs. Energy Industries

Painting of Hornbill bird, mutlicolored thick beak, black feathers

Helmeted Hornbill

Spider with vivid blue legs, multicolored forest floor

Birupes Simoroxigorum and biopiracy

Textured painting of Black man, bald, beard, gold glasses, red blazer, friendly, pensive expression

Ron Allen

Textured painting of whales, blue on blue

If Wishes were Fishes