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2 New Poems: Border Babies and Spring Equinox

Border Babies She is crying for her mother The rictus of an existential grief Pulling her face into contortions In a tragedy of tears Tiny toddler arms stretched wide And shaking… How can Lindsey Graham See this child in pain and feel afraid – Not FOR her, But FROM her, Only Because Of Her beautiful […]

Seen This Before (new poem by Marius)

Seen This Before Once on a snowy Detroit street, I saw a dog I knew Crouched, tail-tucked and teeth-bared, Freezing and arrested in the the road The Pound’s truck parked Engine running, door flung open And a man in uniform, purring love-words, recklessly, A hand held out in friendship While the other one, the driver, […]

New Poem by Marius : Minotaur

Minotaur Bull-headed, yes That’s what I’d say Crashing around the world like in the proverbial china shop All those broken pieces left behind No wonder it was the Labyrinth for me Still, my fingers touch upon (from time to time) A silken thread in the half-dark Winding through these endless, circling halls And somewhere close […]

Sex and Revolution

as I move my hands my lips across your supple body blending everything becomes bewildered unpretended in these moments of ecstatic rhythm reggae sweat your breath so still lingering upon my lips your body mine the last of the wine spilled between us in a kiss an offering not offered to some other god but […]


What lies within, still ties without One flowing through one From one into another A filament of Spirit Spun spider fine And finite Just enough to touch us all. Tying tiny threads of possibility Tangling in the warp and woof of being Of beings that combined begin to be A Pattern My blood a river […]


An evening like this: summer sunset cricket song, peachy sky reaching up the vaulted ceiling, cathedral clouds clouds shaped like mountains along the Yangtze River improbable, fairy-tale bubble domes, drifting closer stilling to stalagmites all along the stretched horizon quickly darkening to throw this garden into bas-relief The air no cooler than my blood, and […]


stagger drunkenly towards truth meaning circles in a dervish spiral spinning, coming closer to the center reaching out to grasp the bigger picture beneath this night sky, blackened and still blanketed with stars what hand moved this chaos into beauty? each point singular, unique and self-sufficient but collectively, contributing its own fire unto the whole […]


I am filled with the need to do something sensible I am filled with the dread of the perceived inevitable I am fired with the passion of a love unconquerable I am filled with the poetry that runs a blood river Deep within me, moving through me Coming out in ways where I’ve been wounded. […]


“Refuse no one the good on which he has a claim when it is in your power to do it for him.” Book of Proverbs, Bible “Refuse none help that cry for it” And it is celebrated virtue So exhorted for a thousand years, But still the trees are mystified That in their general innocence, […]


I have been a lion on the plains of Africa Matching sinew against sinew, Timing, speed, all considerations In the meditation of the possible Measuring the balance, Risk and resource, Gain and gamble, Life and death. Now I am a lion on a fabricated rock, Dozing in and out of dreams Golden eyes reflecting faces […]