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Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20th: Write to trans prisoners! The Transgender Day of Remembrance should be a day that we remember the large part of our community that has been taken from us by the State.  Systematic racism and transphobia has locked up a disproportionate number of trans and gender variant people, especially people of color.  It is […]

3,000 fundraising goal met! Thanks!

Thanks so much for all your help and support! It makes all the difference to Marius!!! The fundraiser will remain open for a couple more days, closing 11/1.–2

Daniel McGowan’s letter of support doubles contributions for Marius

Daniel sent a letter of support to his email list and doubled the contributions in one day. Please consider doing likewise! Below is Daniel’s letter: …Eco activist, anarchist and trans political prisoner Marius Mason has been finally approved for college courses and is trying to fundraise for them. The fundraiser has not been going very […]

Are you leaving your comrades behind?

Marius says he has hardly gotten any mail lately. We are trying to figure out if mail is not getting through, or if no one is writing. PLEASE LIKE THIS POST IF YOU HAVE WRITTEN MARIUS IN THE PAST 2 WEEKS. Write him at Marie (Marius) Mason, 04672-061, FMC Carswell, PO Box 27137, Ft. Worth, TX […]

Help Marius Mason access college courses

Marius has finally gotten approval to enroll in college. Please donate and help spread the word about the fundraiser. Marius wants to study psychology in order to, in his words, gain a better understanding of how the mind works, to develop a deeper understanding of his own diagnosed gender dysphoria,  and the way in which […]

Marius Mason: Not for Profit CD

This music CD is a 2008 benefit re-release of Marius Mason’s Not For Profit, originally released in 1999. A classic anarchist neo-folk record, these eight songs feature Marius (accompanied by guitarist and Earth First! activist Darryl Cherney) singing against the destruction of the earth and the oppression of humanity. Now in its 3rd re-press! NOT […]

Support Marius Teeshirts

Sizes are XS-2XL, made by Tultex. These run fairly large. T-shirts are in black, brown, or pink. $15 in US. Other countries please email us at supportmariusmason at riseup dot net and we will figure out postage. If you want bulk shirt orders for a June 11th or other benefit event, please contact us directly […]