Marius receives second T shot

heart-w-wingsMarius got his second shot, after being worried that they would forget or it might be delayed. No bad reaction or really any strong reaction at all. He’s feeling happy and relieved, energized and upbeat. “It feels deeply, deeply good in my bones, in my blood. Like my heart is more steady, my mind is more focused.”

New Painting: Peter Francis of the Sioux People

peter-francis-of-the-sioux-people-9-16I wanted to celebrate with all the courageous and determined indigenous folks who   are organizing the Red Warrior Camp- that they’d won a temporary injunction to the pipeline is significant, although the fight is far from over. One of msy heroes Winona La Duke has pointed to the struggle in Dakota as representing “the future of a people, all of us.” Many indigenous people from across the US have come too. The 3.8 billion dollar boondoggle and environmental catastrophe is proposed to cross 4 states, and has united Native Americans, landowners, and environmentalists in opposition to it’s construction. As Peter Francis of the Sioux people says, “This is about water. Water is the life of our people. Without it, we can not exist.”

New Poem by Marius : Minotaur


Bull-headed, yes
That’s what I’d say
Crashing around the world like in the proverbial china shop
All those broken pieces left behind
No wonder it was the Labyrinth for me
Still, my fingers touch upon (from time to time)
A silken thread in the half-dark
Winding through these endless, circling halls
And somewhere close
I smell a torch that burns