Make Marius’ music your own + share

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mariusmusic download full tabs to 2 songs. Marius wants to share his music in the old folk tradition. Use these lyrics and tabs, change them around and make them yours, and share on our upcoming Marius SoundCloud site. Help Marius know he is loved and his music is still able to contribute to the movement even when he can’t play it to us himself.

Ashley Diamond: Trans Heroine

Ashley Diamond

Ashley Diamond, a transgender woman from Georgia, has brought widespread attention to the abuse and the denial of medical treatment that many incarcerated transgender inmates face. While Diamond was in prison, she was wrongfully placed in a male facility and denied the right to continue hormone replacement therapy, despite her seventeen-year medical history of  receiving this therapy prior to her incarceration. Diamond was also repeatedly sexually assaulted by other prisoners. For over a year, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has legally represented Ashley Diamond, and in August  of 2015, they successfully pressured the Georgia Department of Corrections to release her while she was serving time for a probation violation stemming from a nonviolent crime.