Painting and Poetry – Trophallaxis

“We have fed you all for a thousand years,Illustration - bees
And you hail us still unfed…” these
Stark words of the old Wobbly song
Still time enough now, a hundred years on.
But more so, for millennia more (now)
The tiny, winged workers diligently toil in field
And orchards, bring our good to fruit, fill tables
With all good things that grow, they serve
Like saints, suffer like martyrs and
Share like good anarchists do, or could,
This bond of food, of plenty, forges
Our connection across species and makes the
Gathering of tribes a glad thing.
Leave it to the Greeks! Those feisty defiers
Of Capital’s call to fall in line,
To debt and submission – not they!
But, they have named the bond of bees, who
Share knowledge and community with food,
Trophallaxis, from mouth to mouth, a kiss.
So we can also feed each other, as gardens
Grow, we will grow again,

Painting — Starfish

Star Fish

Science magazine had a recent article about how sea stars, star-shaped echinoderms, along the Northwest coast of the US were melting from the acidification of the oceans. Climate change and the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have greatly increased the acid dissolved in the oceans. In some places, this has had a devastating effect on marine life. The magazine biologist who wrote the article talked about sea stars with bulging blisters, whose arms ceased to function or fell off. There were photos of their decomposing bodies melting into the rocks they cling to. The image of a silent scream.