Never Alone: Speaking Tour for Marie Mason and Eric McDavid Kicks Off in April

In the build up to the International Day of Solidarity for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners (June 11th), Sacramento Prisoner Support and the Marie Mason Support Crew will be traveling the country giving multimedia presentations on Eric and Marie’s cases as well…

Marie Mason Poem for Nicaraguan Workers

Sugar cane workers are subjected to hazardous conditions in the Isle of Windows.Marie wrote this poem after hearing a story about workers becoming ill in Nicaragua from working on  rubber tree and sugar cane plantations.

The Isle of Widows, Nicaragua
The heat rises, steam
With the breath of trees,
Into the air
Haunted eyes speak
Their questions of a mystery
The men of science come to study
This embarassing plague
This withering away
That leaves the widows wondering.
What is the science of oppression?