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“The Masai Mara Dreams of Vultures”- Poetry by Marius

Dust rises like a silted fog between the Serengeti plains and the mighty Masai Mara Wildebeests in mass migration, heavy-headed, spindly-legged Improbable and plenty, walk the beaten path in jeopardy Relentlessly, attended by the watchful lions, in turn followed By the jackals, cheetah, wild dogs, and hysterical hyenas All laughing, tongues lolling, calculating distances And […]

New Poetry

Cecil the lion: ‘We knew this is how he would die’ By David McKenzie, CNN Give Me One Of Them A dentist and his luggage arrive in Zimbabwe Cash and carry-on, pushing the buttons of privilege and pardon That his class feels heir to, a legacy Of helmeted conquistadors in search of gold or something […]

New Poetry

The River ran Yellow in Colorado (2015) When the river ran yellow past The outfitter’s shack, kayaks lined up Colorful, in Back They could smell it coming first Loaded with silt and clouds of poison A heavy-hearted river full of sighs Something rotten in the Animas And coming downstream fast The rainbow trout winking out […]

Painting and Poetry – Trophallaxis

“We have fed you all for a thousand years, And you hail us still unfed…” these Stark words of the old Wobbly song Still time enough now, a hundred years on. But more so, for millennia more (now) The tiny, winged workers diligently toil in field And orchards, bring our good to fruit, fill tables […]


Theocracy No disrespect to Detroit’s brilliant, Beleaguered, and recently drug-martyred poet – But Gil Scott-Heron was wrong, wrong, wrong. The revolution Has been televised And trivialized, Made almost antiseptic, it’s apocalyptic attempts Co-opted, contained and commoditized. Now showing, an exhibit at the MOMA, A thrilling documentary about Just plain folks in far away places, maybe, […]


Shadows Sometimes when the paper holds a ghost before the colors touch the page, and shadows rise to the surface of collective conscience, and apparition fast-appearing whole like Venus rising in the foam or, Athena’s agile form Sword-swinging a surprise entrance on Olympus, compelling an attention, and Intention forms, flows, suggests, Knowing that we Planaria […]

“Titanic” by Marie Mason

Titanic A hundred years of stories and it’s not enough To mark a date, They will dredge the blue depths And spare no expense. (not for charity, make a note not for Sudan’s needed grain, not Haiti’s medicine) But gain…. And details, dollars, samples for scholars, The self-indulgence of a gilded clock Stopped in time […]

Entropy- A poem by Marie Mason

(Entropy) What do you see In this Winter face? The imminent decomposition of the unbeautiful? Even so, even in that I see that all my pieces Have their own story. My hands have worked a brand of Entropy That is much more sociology than Physics. My body has bourne children Who fly away from me […]

Marie Mason Poem for Nicaraguan Workers

Marie wrote this poem after hearing a story about workers becoming ill in Nicaragua from working on  rubber tree and sugar cane plantations. The Isle of Widows, Nicaragua The heat rises, steam Moves With the breath of trees, Into the air Haunted eyes speak Their questions of a mystery The men of science come to study […]