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“Light and Water” by Marius

Marius says in the letter on the back that while scenes like this keep him focussed on something outside himself and remembering the beauty in the world outside prison, that “I’ve resolved for this year to do the opposite of that and dive in deep into my immediate surroundings, to write and paint what I […]

Joseph Cinque and the Amistad

New painting by Marius. Learn more about the Amistad Rebellion HERE.

New Paintings

Below are several new works from Marius. Marius is always looking for more inspiration. Please consider sending him articles about animals, the environment, and social movements. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811

New Art by Marius

A friend sent Marius an article about Nikki Smith, a climbing photographer who in 2018 came out publicly, not knowing how the outdoor industry would react to her transition. Read the article here. Consider sending Marius an article that inspires you. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811 

New Photo and Drawing

Marius sent this photo and drawing to a friend on the outside. Please consider writing Marius. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811

“Free Pangolin” by Marius Mason

“The article in Science was about the trade in species generally, but spoke about the Sunda pangolin, Morris javanica being critically endangered owing to poaching and illegal trade. Some species, like the one in the sketch, live as ground-dwellers – but some others are arboreal primarily, so deforestation also negatively affects their survival… so much […]

Report Back: The Outside from the Inside

Update on opening of Marius Mason’s prison painting exhibit at the Railroad Square Cinema. The opening took place September 20th. David Rovics performed, and Leslie James Pickering, from Buffalo’s Burning Books bookstore, a former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front from 1997 to 2002, spoke about Marius and Earth Liberation. Marius’ artwork will […]

The Art of Marius Mason: The Outside from the Inside

Marius Mason’s prison paintings will be exhibited at the Railroad Square Cinema from Sept. 12 to Nov. 4.