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Photo and Painting

Marius sent a friend and supporter a new photo of himself and a recent painting of his. About the painting: “This painting was done from a photo in the New York Times, taken in 2008.  The couple, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, were a kind of ‘power couple’ among LGBT activists in the Bay Area […]

Editha Dorothea (Life After FSL)

New painting from Marius depicting a former bunkmate on his unit.  Marius writes: “Editha Dorthea (or Edie, as we called her) was my bunkie here for a time.  She got a compassionate release, thank goodness, and went back to Michigan to be with her kids…. She is planning on planting a huge garden this year, now […]

2 New Poems: Border Babies and Spring Equinox

Border Babies She is crying for her mother The rictus of an existential grief Pulling her face into contortions In a tragedy of tears Tiny toddler arms stretched wide And shaking… How can Lindsey Graham See this child in pain and feel afraid – Not FOR her, But FROM her, Only Because Of Her beautiful […]

Two New Paintings by Marius

Sacco and Vanzetti was inspired by Marius’ reading of Robert Boyd’s “Suosso’s Lane.”

“Light and Water” by Marius

Marius says in the letter on the back that while scenes like this keep him focussed on something outside himself and remembering the beauty in the world outside prison, that “I’ve resolved for this year to do the opposite of that and dive in deep into my immediate surroundings, to write and paint what I […]

Joseph Cinque and the Amistad

New painting by Marius. Learn more about the Amistad Rebellion HERE.