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Tigers for Sale by Marius

After 146 years in operation, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing.  What is left of the animal performers will be sent to Ringling Bros “sanctuary” in Florida or sold to circuses worldwide. Marius learned about the fate of these animals from a supporter who mailed him an article on the subject.  If […]

Contraband: Art Show and Prison Justice Fundraiser

Contraband: Art Show and Prison Justice Fundraiser

Marius mention in The Argonaut

“Chris Mosier–trans athlete and activist” -by Marius Mason

“Chris Mosier–trans athlete and activist” is part of the trans-hero series. Chris Mosier does public speaking and advocacy in addition to being a competing athlete. He was on the USA men’s team as a triathlon Olympian. There are inconsistencies in trans-athlete guidelines, so he had to compete as a man and qualified as such. If […]

Marsha P. Johnson painting

“I’ve been wanting to celebrate Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera’s lives for a long time, as they broke such important ground in both defining trans as a lived identity and for connecting it (and insisting on that connection) to the gay liberation and women’s liberation movements. And to advocate for sex workers to be […]

“Tara Houska of Honor the Earth” – by Marius

  Tara Houska, who is Couchiching First Nation, is an environmental justice attorney working for the Standing Rock tribe to defend the Water Protectors who have been arrested during the fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Big shout outs to Krow, Matig, We, and all the defenders who are fighting their charges. Houska was […]

New Painting and Thank You from Marius

Marius asked that this painting of Darryl and Danae be shared as a thank you to everyone you sent him sympathy cards in the law few weeks.  Marius wrote: “It’s not possible to show in a painting what beautiful and colorful souls my cat friends Darryl and Danea were in their own ways.  They both […]

“Laura Jane Grace, Rise Like the Lotus” by Marius

“The lotus is a major symbol in the Buddhist writings, as it is something beautiful that rises from the muck.  Water seemed like the best image to show crossing from one state of being to another (water to air, muck to sunlight).” -Marius Laura Jane Grace on Donald Trump’s Transgender Action: ‘F–k Off’  

“Target / Giraffe” by Marius

“This is a portrait of a baby giraffe seen through a gun scope. Recent news stories tell of increasing numbers of giraffes that are killed to provide for mercenaries and insurgent armies. Guerrillas, such as Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, are poaching on conservation lands with impunity as there is not sufficient enforcement or conservation […]