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2 New Poems: Border Babies and Spring Equinox

Border Babies She is crying for her mother The rictus of an existential grief Pulling her face into contortions In a tragedy of tears Tiny toddler arms stretched wide And shaking… How can Lindsey Graham See this child in pain and feel afraid – Not FOR her, But FROM her, Only Because Of Her beautiful […]

Marius’ Birthday is the 26th!

Marius’ birthday is coming up fast January 26th. Write him a letter or birthday card to remind him that he is not alone. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061 FCI DANBURY Route 37 Danbury, CT 06811 Book Wishlist Marius has an active Amazon Wishlist.  If you purchase from another distributer (non-Amazon) PLEASE send us an email so we […]

Two New Paintings by Marius

Sacco and Vanzetti was inspired by Marius’ reading of Robert Boyd’s “Suosso’s Lane.”

Compassionate Release Denied

Honorable Paul L. Maloney: “…regardless of the severity of the infection, only one inmate at Danbury has died from COVID.” 240 Marius denial Marius request for compassionate release has been denied, despite testing positive for COVID, being over 50, having underlying medical conditions, and serving the majority of his sentence.  How many more people have […]

June 11th 2020 Statement

Marius was unable to write a statement for this year’s International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners.  Marius’ attorney wrote beautiful statement in his stead.  Please read below: The other day when I spoke to Marius on the phone he was dealing with worries ranging from uncertainty about whether or […]

Thank you!

We are warmed by the donations many of you have sent in after hearing the recent news about Marius. Your kindness, generosity and solidarity during these difficult times is heartening. Marius remains in quarantine awaiting the results of a new Covid-19 test.

Corrected info about Covid + Marius

May 16 COVID 19 update: As of this writing, Marius has been in quarantine with other prisoners in a separate area since April 25, when he tested positive for the corona virus. Marius has underlying factors that make him vulnerable to COVID 19, and legal options are being pursued, thanks to his attorney. To support Marius: […]