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“Elephant” New from Marius Mason

“We are fast approaching a world without wild elephants. What a terrible thing to do to the future.” -Marius

June 11th Statement

Marius Mason’s J11 statement: I can hardly believe that it has been another year passing and it is J11 again. I am so thankful for this annual touch point as an opportunity to reach out to my community on the outside and to take stock of the year. It is hard to take in that […]

Angela Davis as Inspiration

“Ms. Davis and I have the same birth date. Irregardless of that coincidence, she has been an important voice in my education. Unlike other favorite authors of mine, lots of people I’ve met in prison have read her books (especially “Are Prisons Obsolete?”) and know something about her life and work. She is, of course, […]

Marius’ Article in Fifth Estate

“When offered the chance to review Ann Hansen’s memoir about her time in the Canadian prison system, I was enthusiastic but doubtful that I would be permitted to receive such a book…” -Marius Mason Read more at:

June 11th Call

2019 Call June 11th: the international day of solidarity with Marius Mason and long-term anarchist prisoners. In the 15 years this tradition has been observed, June 11th has facilitated support and action inspired by imprisoned anarchists — from noise demonstrations outside of jails to letter-writing nights, from fundraisers to arson. Setting aside this day is […]

Marius Transferred!

After nearly 10 years at FMC Carswell, Marius has finally been transferred closer to family and friends. As of this week, Marius is now located at FCI Danbury in CT.

“Birupes Simoroxigorum and Biopiracy”

Marius included with this painting: “The blue-legged beauty is a brand new species of tarantula discovered on Sarawok. Unfortunately, this shy creature was also found by three collectors/exporters of exotic species and they shipped out a great many (possibly thousands, they’re not forthcoming on the numbers) for sale of $300/a captive. Sadly, many of these […]

“If Wishes Were Fishes…” by Marius

This painting by Marius was inspired by an article he read in Science Magazine (From voluntary commitments to ocean sustainability). If you find articles that interest you in magazines, newspapers, zines, or online, consider sending them to Marius. News from friends, family, and supporters are often the only way he can learn about the causes […]

New Painting by Marius

Marius wanted to share a recent painting he completed of friend, poet, and comrade, Ron Allen (September 13, 1947 – August 10, 2010)