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Thank you!

We are warmed by the donations many of you have sent in after hearing the recent news about Marius. Your kindness, generosity and solidarity during these difficult times is heartening. Marius remains in quarantine awaiting the results of a new Covid-19 test.

Corrected info about Covid + Marius

May 16 COVID 19 update: As of this writing, Marius has been in quarantine with other prisoners in a separate area since April 25, when he tested positive for the corona virus. Marius has underlying factors that make him vulnerable to COVID 19, and legal options are being pursued, thanks to his attorney. To support Marius: […]

“Light and Water” by Marius

Marius says in the letter on the back that while scenes like this keep him focussed on something outside himself and remembering the beauty in the world outside prison, that “I’ve resolved for this year to do the opposite of that and dive in deep into my immediate surroundings, to write and paint what I […]

Marius’ Birthday January 26th

Write him a birthday card! He would love to hear from us all on the outside. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811

Joseph Cinque and the Amistad

New painting by Marius. Learn more about the Amistad Rebellion HERE.

New Paintings

Below are several new works from Marius. Marius is always looking for more inspiration. Please consider sending him articles about animals, the environment, and social movements. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811

Holiday Gifts for Marius

This time of year is especially hard on Marius. Consider sending him a book to remind him he is not alone. The days are shorter, Connecticut is colder, and Marius is away from family and friends. This is the time of year when he especially wants to be with his kids, to make them something […]

New Art by Marius

A friend sent Marius an article about Nikki Smith, a climbing photographer who in 2018 came out publicly, not knowing how the outdoor industry would react to her transition. Read the article here. Consider sending Marius an article that inspires you. Marie (Marius) Mason 04672-061FCI DANBURYRoute 37Danbury, CT 06811