Update on Marie Mason at Carswell


We have some updated news on Marie Mason.

First, Mason urgently asks that all supporters STOP sending money directly into her commissary account. Money for her commissary should be sent directly to her mother, Karin Mason, at: PO Box 352, Stanwood, MI 49346. Money sent there is put into her commissary as needed. If you know anyone who may be sending money directly to her commissary, please contact them IMMEDIATELY and ask them to stop doing this.

Second, the lawyers have hold us that the feds have consistently denied that Carswell is a CMU. However, the wing Mason is in is clearly a special control unit, and the conditions there are also very restrictive. At least one other political prisoner is being held there, Helen Woodson.

We are extremely happy to report that Mason’s food situation has improved significantly compared to Waseca prison. She is also no longer held in solitary all the time; as of her last communication, she has been let out occasionally, but has not been released into general circulation in her unit yet.

Mason asks that people hold off sending any books for the time.

The hearing for her appeal for re-sentencing is set for October 19 in Cincinnati. Mason will not be there, but it will be open to the public to attend.