New on the website: Sentencing transcript, and new pictures, art and poetry from Marie Mason

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of new content on the site.

New things that have been put up in the last few months include photos of Marie at Waseca prison just before she was transferred; new poetry and art from Marie; a new sticker design; and pictures of Marie’s cats. Click here to see these.

Also, we finally have  Mason’s original sentencing transcript from 2009 available. Highlights include statements from an MSU bureaucrat and the sentencing judge, who both declare that Mason should be punished for violating the “marketplace of ideas.” Federal agents describe Earth First! as a “related organization” to the ELF, and Frank Ambrose is described as having taped “hundreds” of conversations with activists. Mason is absurdly portrayed as pulling the strings behind the I-69 campaign while she was on bail with at her mother’s house in northern Michigan. References to her support websites (undoubtedly including this one) are introduced as some kind of nefarious action. And Rod Coronado and Fifth Estate both make an appearance. Well worth a read.