Marie Mason Birthday Events Being Planned Across the World

Following the initial call out for events to take place on or before Marie’s 51st birthday January 26th, several cities have started making plans.  Here is a current listing of events.  If you are organizing an event and would like it listed on the site email us at


January 26th Card Signing Event
Hosted by the Baltimore Animal Rights Federation and the Charm City Anarchist Black Cross
For details contact BARF at baltimorebarf(at)


January 18th 8pm Card/Letter Writing Night
Boxcar Books and Community Space

Marie Mason has a birthday coming up and Boxcar has been nice enough to let us use the space to make cards and write letters. Come drink some hot coffee and hang out with your friends. While helping to lift another human beings spirit.

January 26th 7pm Marie Mason’s Birthday Celebration
Boxcar Books and Community Space

Mason’s 51st birthday is coming up on January 26, 2013. It is an annual time to celebrate her life and keep her spirits up while she remains imprisoned. There will be speakers as well as a screening of the film “Who Bombed Judi Bari?”


January 19th Yoga Class
MN Multiuse Room 52 Groveland Terrace

Join us for a donation-based hour long, all levels yoga class, followed by vegan treats in honor of Marie Mason’s birthday. After yoga, we will be having a letter writing party for political prisoners. Please don’t be intimidated if this is your first time writing to a prisoner, we’ll be giving out tips, guidelines, and did we mention CAKE?


January 21st 7pm Benefit Show
Dead in the Dirt, Congential Death, Dying
The Lava Space 4134 Lancaster Ave
$5-10 Donation

New York City

We will be tabling for Marie at the Catharsis show in New York City on January 19 at Acheron in Brooklyn. In addition to having birthday cards to send to her, our friends will be selling special t-shirts with all proceeds going to Marie.

Wellington, New Zealand

Join us for afternoon tea to drink a toast to political prisoners around the world.

We will be discussing some current cases (like Tame Iti and Rangi Kemara) and the situation with some longstanding prisoners. We will also be talking about the arbitrary definition of ‘political prisoners’ and the prison-industrial complex. We welcome your input.

This event is being held on the birthday of Marie Mason, a eco-prisoner who is serving 22-years in super maximum security in Texas for earth liberation and animal liberation activities. Please join us and feel free to bring baking to share. Light refreshments provided.

128 Abel Smith Street
Saturday 26 January at 4pm

Haifa, Israel

ום הולדת לאסירת החזית מארי מייסון
Monday, January 14, 2013
7:30pm in UTC 02

לאסירת החזית לשחרור בעלי החיים וכדה”א מארי מייסון יש יומולדת 51 ב26 לינואר.
תקופת החגים היא תקופה מבאסת עבור מרבית האסירים ועבור מארי שאז חלה יום הולדתה מבאסת יותר.
לכן ביום שני בערב ניפגש כדי לכתוב לה מכתבים, לצייר לה גלויות ולהצטלם כדי לשלוח לה תמונות ולרומם את רוחה.
בנוסף היינו רוצים לאסוף עבורה מעט כסף לתרומה שבה תוכל להשתמש כדי לקנות בולים למכתבים, ודברים שהיא צריכה בקנטינה. ולכן אם אם אינכם/ן יכולות/ים להגיע ויש לכם/ן כמה שקלים לתרום זה יהיה מעולה
למידע נוסף על מארי

Chapel Hill, NC

January 26, 7 pm
Internationalist Bookstore in Chapel Hill 405 W. Franklin St.

January 26th is Marie Mason’s Birthday! Come celebrate this herbal healer, musician, mother, activist and eco-sabatour extrordinaire with us at Internationalist Books on Saturday, January 26th at 7pm. We’ll be writing letters and birthday cards to Marie and other eco-prisoners, eating snacks, socializing and watching a short video about the Earth Liberation Front. Marie Mason is presently serving 22 years in prison for a series of arsons against the timber and biotech industries. After being informed on by her ex-husband she took a non-cooperating plea deal, refusing to inform on any of her codefendents. She has been, and continues to be, a very active member of the Earth First Community. Posters and literature about the Earth Liberation Front and earth liberation prisoners will be available.