Detroit: Film Bidder 70 Film Screening

bidder70April 22 7:30pm
Special Earth Day Event!
Benefit for Marie Mason
Screening of “BIDDER 70”
Cass City Cinema,
3420 Cass Avenue Midtown-Detroit
Admission: $7.50

Bidder 70 follows Tim DeChristopher, a University of Utah student, who in 2008, in a dazzling act of civil disobedience, derailed an outgoing Bush administration’s illegal oil and gas auction. As bidder #70, Tim bid $1.8 million and won 22,000 pristine acres surrounding Utah’s National Parks, but had no intention to pay or drill.
In February 2009, the new Obama administration agreed the land should be safeguarded and invalidated the entire auction. Nevertheless, Tim was indicted on two federal felonies and has served two years in prison. He is being released the day of the screening.

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PROCEEDS GO TO THE MARIE MASON SUPPORT FUND. Detroiter Marie Mason is serving 22 years in prison for two acts of eco-sabotage in which no one was injured. For information on Marie, visit