October 25- International Kick Off to Move Marie Mason Campaign

 In 2009, environmental activist and community organizer Marie Mason was sentenced to almost 22 years in prison for the arson of an office which housed genetically modified organism (GMO) research and for the destruction of logging equipment.  Marie is now serving the longest sentence of any activist in the U.S. for environmental direct action.  Her sentence is part of a larger crackdown by the state on environmental activists, which has come to be known as the Green Scare.  The Green Scare, much like the Red Scare and COINTELPRO, targets people for their politics.  The government’s use of tactics such as entrapment, the spread of disinformation by paid informants, media smear campaigns, trumped up charges, and harsh prison sentences are all too familiar to folks who know their history.
Marie’s persecution has continued throughout her sentence.  Without notice or cause, Marie was transferred from the low security FCI Waseca Prison to the notorious FMC Carswell.  Over a thousand miles from friends and family, Marie is cut off from the general prison population, in a special isolation unit known for its frequent lockdowns and added restrictions on communication.
Marie was unjustly moved to this restrictive unit for what appears to be completely punitive reasons – even though her disciplinary record since her incarceration is spotless and she poses no danger or threat to the prison or other inmates. Marie has, in fact, worked hard to make the lives of other inmates better since her time in prison.
Marie should not be in this unit at FMC Carswell.
No one should be in this unit at FMC Carswell.
We’re launching a campaign to Move Marie out of FMC Carswell to a medium security prison closer to family and friends.  This campaign will also highlight the continued attacks on the environmental movement, the appalling conditions in FMC Carswell and other high security prisons, and the use of isolation and long-term solitary confinement against prisoners.
We’re calling on fellow environmentalists, radical parents, prison abolitionists, labor organizers, opponents of GMOs, musicians, artists, and other rabble rousers to join us as we kick this campaign into high gear.  This will be a time to put pressure on the Bureau of Prisons and to take part in creative actions across the world, amplifying the campaign to Move Marie, and to Free Marie and All Political Prisoners.
You can help by participating in October 25th!
Join the Free Marie Campaign 
  • Join the Free Marie Campaign is a simple commitment to serve as a point person in the campaign. It can be as simple as serving as a contact in your local area for organizing events and coordinating actions.
  • We’ll send out action alerts, event announcements, and updates on October 25th to keep you in the loop. Sign up for the Move Marie announcement list-
  • Follow Support Marie Mason on Facebook and on @FreeMarieMason on Twitter
  • Organizers: join the Campaign by emailing us at movemarie@riseup.net and organize an event below.
Organize a campaign event 
  • Organize a phone tree to flood the BOP on the 21st with calls demanding Marie’s transfer
  • Organize a letter writing party (we can help with the materials)
  • Screen a relevant film, such as If a Tree Falls, or the show Orange is the New Black
  • Host a vegan dinner to fundraise
  • Put on a benefit show or letter writing event
  • Anything else creative that helps contribute to the campaign!
  • Contact us at movemarie@riseup.net and we’ll help you link up with others in your city to help you act on October 25th
Donate time and funds to the campaign 
  • We’ll be producing short films, launching a legal campaign, developing outreach materials, and more – all of which costs money.  The more we get from donations, the less time we need to spend fundraising to pay for these important pieces, and the more time we spend working on getting Marie out of Carswell.
  • We need your talent!  We especially need the help of musicians, artists, graphic designers, web developers, and lawyers/paralegals.
Spread the word
  • Use the hashtag #MoveMarie on social media
  • The more people who know about Marie and this campaign, the more successful we’ll be.
  • Tell your friends and family about her case
  • Distribute Move Marie materials (we’ll even mail them to you free of charge)
Send Marie your Support
  • Leave a comment on her blog and we’ll mail that out to her-
  • Send her a postcard, letter, comic strip, interesting article, story from a campaign you’re involved in, a cute anecdote about your kids, whatever!
  • Include all the information below:
Marie Mason #04672-061
FMC Carswell
Federal Medical Center
P.O. Box 27137
Fort Worth, TX 76127