More Materials for June 11th Available!

j11_heart_finalThe call for this year’s June 11th–The International Day of Solidarity With Marius Mason, Eric McDavid, & All Longterm Anarchist Political Prisoners–is titled Transition. We encourage everyone to check it out and hope that it will inspire people to hold local events in solidarity with Marius, Eric, and others.

June 11th organizers have also been putting out some quality materials for people organizing events! We encourage people to read and print out these materials to distribute for June 11th and beyond!

Zine about Marius, the Green Scare, and June11th (For printing)

Zine about Marius, the Green Scare, and June11th (To read online)

June 11th Heart Poster

June 11th Call-out (En Español)

Please let us know about any events you are planning! E-mail supportmariusmason [at] riseup [dot] net and we will help you with promotion!