We’re raising funds for Marius

Dear Friend,

The Prison Industrial Complex makes life expensive for those locked up. For Marius, that’s about $8,000 a year which does not even include his tuition or vet bills for his aging cats.

The good news is that he has friends and family on the outside like yourself who have helped support him over the years. And while we’ve been able to raise the money each year, it oftentimes comes from some very generous donations made by a few people.
We’re working to make this support more sustainable and balanced among more of us. To that end, we invite you to either become a monthly supporter or give a one time donation for the year.

It’s easy to contribute and you will see exactly everything that is spent to support Marius, including a monthly report. It’s also easy to change your amount or cancel at anytime.
Thank you for all you do for Marius and in helping us meet our annual budget of $8000.
With love,
Support Marius Collective