Send Letters to Marie Mason, plus new support email

Marie Mason’s support crew have a new email,, and are also encouraging folks to send her letters:

“As stated previously we have confirmed Marie is being held in the Butler County Jail pending transfer to Michigan. We have no idea how long she will be held there but we are encouraging folks to send her letters of support. Her address as well as the Jail mail rules are listed below.

If you send Marie a letter and it gets returned to you, please let us know about it so we can add any other restrictions to the guideline list. When writing please use your common sense; don’t write about anything that is likely to get a prisoner in trouble in any way. Avoid discussing any details of her case and/or any potential charges against her.

Please do NOT send in any books/zines to Marie yet. We are in the process of getting a system going for her to receive books. If you would like her to receive books we would prefer you donate money. We will be releasing a list of books Marie would like in the very near future.

When writing Marie, Do NOT ever write “legal mail” or anything implying that you are an attorney unless you are.

Butler County Sheriff’s Office & Correctional Complex
705 Hanover Street
Hamilton, Ohio 45011</p>;

Incoming Mail

*Letters addressed to inmates will be opened and inspected for contraband before being delivered to the inmate.

*Legal mail from attorneys, courts, etc. shall be opened in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband by the staff member.

*Staff members shall only check for contraband and not read the letters. Staff members shall not delete, black-out any portions, or withhold any incoming prisoner letters, except where such restrictions are clearly necessary to the maintenance of the order and security of the jails.

*Material determined to be obscene shall not be forwarded to the inmates.

*Decisions to withhold, read or censor any incoming prisoner mail must be made by a supervisor.

*All contraband will be disposed of properly or secured as evidence depending on the nature. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office may then turn all evidence over to the Criminal Investigations Unit for possible subsequent prosecution.”