3/15/08 Marie Mason Update/Flyer

Marie Mason Support Flyer

We were able to speak with Marie briefly (her phone calls are limited to 15 minutes a couple of times a day). Despite all thats happening she remains in good spirits and is thankful for the love and support from

Marie is presently being held in the Butler county jail awaiting transfer to Michigan. Marie is a vegan and is not being provided with access to a sufficient healthy vegan diet. In a recent phone call Marie described that
she was eating what she could and mentioned she was surviving on little more than oatmeal. This is unacceptable. It is the jail’s responsibility to provide Marie with a healthy balanced diet. We are asking supporters to call the Butler County Jail and explain Marie has strong ethical convictions against the consumption of animal products and politely request Marie be given access to a proper vegan diet. Listed below are the various phone numbers to contact Butler County Jail.

Attached is a flier folks can download and get the word out about Marie’s current situation. Please distribute far and wide.

Warden’s Office

Sergeant’s Office


Love and Rage,

Got Your Back
Friends of Marie Mason
P.O. Box 19065
Cincinnati, OH 45219