Earth First! Journal Needs Support

Dear Friends and Subscribers, Online Readers and Rabble-Rousers,

We truly appreciate all your support. Many of you have lent your support to us over the past months, and it’s your generosity and energy that keeps us going. We love being able to give voice to the Earth First! movement and bring you the latest radical environmental news and analysis every two months.

The thing is, we really need funds–right now. We had been planning to go to print on August 25, but we need an additional $2950 before then to cover bills, shipping expenses, office rent and the printing itself. The Mabon 2008 Earth First! Journal can’t come out until we find this money.

Please help us reach that goal, so we can get the issue out to you as soon as possible. If you’ve been reading the Journal online, now is a great time to show your appreciation for our free Web site.

Whatever you can contribute helps, whether $25 or $2500. Help us get there! To donate online, click here.

For the Wild,
The Earth First! Journal Collective

A peak at next issue: more green scare arrests, why EF! means sabotage, EF! campaigns in Indiana, Maine, Appalachia and DC, Ohio’s post-Rondy action, Six Nations land occupations, climate camps and more.