Urgent Appeal for funds.

Funds for Marie are dangerously low. We need to ensure money is kept in  Marie’s commissary at all times. Marie is a  long time dedicated Vegan and does not receive adequate vegan food from the jail. What little she can purchase from commissary she literally needs to survive. Collect phone calls from the jail cost Marie’s 70 year old mother $18 for 3 minutes. She has already racked up a $300 phone bill. These calls are important to maintain the bond between Marie and her teenage daughter. There is also the need for funds for gas money to ensure Marie’s family can make the 2+ hr drive one way visit her while she is in County jail.

Talking with Marie’s attorney we still will need to hire a physiologist for the pre sentencing report, cover the mitigation experts expenses, and pay her attorney fees.

Marie’s family has absorbed the majority of these costs up until now to the best of their ability but can not shoulder this financial burden any longer. The situation is quickly spiraling to one of desperation. If you are able please consider donating to Marie’s support fund or purchasing some of the support merch found here.