Send Letters, Photos, and Encouragement to Marie Mason

Marie is currently being held at the Clinton County Jail; her sentencing date is in February 2009. 

She greatly appreciates letters and images from supporters. These letters keep Marie’s spirit up and are very meaningful to her. We encourage everyone to drop her a line, even if it is just a postcard.

 “All letters must have a return address on the envelope. Also put a return address on the letter itself, as prisoners are almost never given the envelopes. Avoid using white-out, stickers, tape, colored ink/paper or glitter. Written correspondence and drawings may be in pencil, standard ink pen, typewritten, or computer generated. No felt pens, markers, crayon, or colored pencil, etc. All personal artwork must be in black & white, copied pages can be in color. Most facilities do not allow torn pages from books, magazine or newspaper clippings. Photocopies, however, are accepted. Keep in mind that all mail is read by authorities.

DO NOT bring up or attempt to discuss Mason’s case, her co defendants, illegal acts, or the Green Scare when writing her. Please remember that, even if unsolicited, mail can still result in sanctions against a prisoner.”

Mason can get up to 3 photos per letter. no larger then 4 x 6. She would like photos of nature and animals, specifically wolves and whales, hiking trips, and gardens.”
(guidelines from

Send to:

Marie Mason
Clinton County Jail
1347 E Townsend Rd.
Saint Johns, MI 48879