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Greetings from Waseca!

I’ve been incarcerated here a bit more than 6 months now and have appreciated your cards and letters of support so much. Thank you especially to those who’ve sent books and ‘zines, as these have been shared around and donated to our library here for all to use. It always makes me happy and proud to hear from all the folks at animal rights gatherings abroad, at anarchist and eco-groupings in the US and to know that there are so many in the struggle to confront this twisted, death driven, capitalist system and demand an end to fortune, exploitation and destruction. I’m proud to know you and share this struggle with you.

But without ideas and information to guide our actions, we can be lost and overwhelmed by the powers we confront. That’s why it’s so important to support the organizations that educate us and connect us to one another, celebrate our victories and rally us to solidarity. That’s why I’m asking that you consider making a donation or ordering a subscription to the Earth First! Journal this year.

These have been tough times financially for so many, but to lose this important voice for the wilderness would be a tragic loss and diminish our power as a movement. Please help if you can, with whatever you can and if you’d write me and say you gave to the Journal – it’d be the best holiday gift this prisoner could get. Thank you for all you do to defend the Earth.

Marie Mason
FCI Waseca


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