Feb 16, 2011: Mason’s mail delivery disrupted, most visitors refused

Unfortunately, it seems that numerous letters and packages which have been mailed to Marie Mason have never arrived. They have neither been returned to the senders, nor officially refused by the prison (Carswell has denied that this disruption has been on their side). This seems to be a repeat of what happened at one time at Waseca prison, where Mason was held before her transfer.

If you have written Mason and are not sure if she has received your communication, please contact us.

Additionally, Carswell has refused every single request to visit Mason in prison, with the sole exception of her direct family. This attempt to isolate Mason is even more draconian than what happened to Green Scare prisoners likeĀ Daniel McGowan when he was held in a CMU (Communications Management Unit); even then he was allowed visitors who were not relatives.