Book Reviews and Thank You

Book reviews by Marius Mason
So much of Marius’ time is spent on lock-down, when prisoners are confined to their cells.  They cannot access phones or rec areas, and are separated from other prisoners on their unit.  Because of this, the books Marius receives from friends and supporters are a lifeline.  They keep him informed about the world outside of Carswell and books of art and poetry can be a creative outlet.
As a “thank you” Marius wrote down some reviews for books that have been sent to him recently by supporters.

KolbertThe Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

“One of the best, no-nonsense books that I’ve read about how broad-reaching the current environmental crisis has become.  She strikes a good balance in her presentation; not an overly dramatic alarmist (though the situation is clearly dire) and with a bit of hope offered if serious and considered steps are taken.”

The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams

“The Plague Dogs is a work of fiction, so it has to be taken differently.  It really brings the full character and spirit of the two dog protagonists to the page – which is in and of itself important for readers to consider the implications of animals as complex and sentient beings.  The descriptions Adamsof vivisection are brutal, and given in totally bare/raw language, as well as the often useless and nonsensical research topics.  It’s really hard to read those sections, but makes the point eloquently.  Sometimes I think that the role of fiction is to explore these moral questions, let the consequences play out in a storyline where the real beings are hurt, but where possible dangers or harm can be brought to the light, allow public discussion and consideration.”

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