Help with Marius’ cats vet bills

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Peace is the sweetest of the five cats Marius had to leave behind. He was born with a neurological problem, most likely caused by an infection his mother contracted while pregnant. Sadly, many of Peace’s siblings did not survive long after birth and it was suggested by a couple of Marius’ friends that Peace was a lost cause. We are so glad he decided to stick by Peace and support him through his many eccentricities because he is one of the kindest, most generous people I know.

Darryl had been coming around Marius’ house a couple times in Detroit as a stray when Marius decided to put out some food for him. At the time Marius had several celebrex online other companion animals and didn’t feel he could take any more in, but Darryl had different ideas. The first day Marius went to give him food, Darryl walked right by the meal and into Marius’ house. When Marius went to grab him, before he started trouble, Darryl turned around, put his paws around Marius neck and gave him a big hug. Darryl still hugs us every day.

Both Peace and Darryl are senior kitties. Peace is around 14-years-old and Darryl is 20-22-years-old. Both were diagnosed with overactive thyroid conditions, which is common in older cats. It would be wonderful if we could set aside some money for their remaining years and not have to dip into Marius’ general support funds that he needs for day-to-day survival.