RIP Darryl

When Marius was arrested 9 years ago he was not only taken away from human friends and family but also one dog, one iguana, and five cats.  During his incarceration Marius has endured hearing second hand about the death of his loved ones, including his mother two years ago and most recently his cat Darryl who died this past weekend.

Darryl came into Marius’ life in 1996 as a stray.  For years he moved from one city to another with Marius.  He was a constant companion and devoted friend to the very end.

Every day is a good day to write Marius Mason but in the coming days he could really use a short card or letter of condolences.  Also consider donating to support Marius’ remaining cats.  Money you donate go to their vet bills and ease the pain Marius has in knowing he can not provide for them himself.

Darryl 1996-2017