Angela Davis as Inspiration

Pen and ink of Angela Davis, with words behind "Do men rape because they are men or are they socialized to inflict sexual violence on women?

“Ms. Davis and I have the same birth date. Irregardless of that coincidence, she has been an important voice in my education. Unlike other favorite authors of mine, lots of people I’ve met in prison have read her books (especially “Are Prisons Obsolete?”) and know something about her life and work. She is, of course, infinitely more attractive and dynamic than my poor powers of depiction can portray- but I’d just read an article in “Against the Current” that came in, celebrating her work and its continuing relevance to intersecting issues of race, misogyny, and economic inequality. The theme for this year’s Certain Days calendar is “intersectionality”, so I have been also thinking about how feminism and being transgender can affect my perspective. Looking forward to reading some good discussions on that and other ways movements form bonds or rivalries.” -Marius