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Further harrasment of Marie Mason supporters

We would like to make Marie’s friends and close supporters aware that recently individuals who have gone to visit Marie in Michigan have been pulled over for the most minor traffic violations by local law enforcement. A situation that should result in a warning or quick ticket turns into an interrogation of the identity, intent, […]

Support Marie Mason!

Marie Mason was arrested and charged with ELF activities in Michigan dating back almost a decade. As many of you already know Marie has since been released on an unsecured bond and has been under house arrest for over a month now awaiting trial. Marie’s attorney petitioned the court to serve her house arrest in her own community of […]

FBI harassment of Marie Supporters

It has come to our attention that the F.B.I. are actively attempting to contact people involved in support work for these defendants. We would like to remind everyone that they are under no obligation whatsoever to speak with law enforcement under any circumstances without an attorney present. Additionally, if you do choose to speak to […]

Midwest Green Scare: Marie Mason released/preparing for trial

We are happy to report that despite a mind numbing amount of red tape and drama from the probation dept. and the associated electronic tether, Marie was released from jail Tuesday. She is under house arrest at a relative’s house and only able to go outside with permission 2 hours a week. She also needs […]

Marie Mason Arraignment Update

Marie’s arraignment was today. She was granted release on a $75,000 unsecured bond pending pre-trial services setting up an electronic tether.  She is restricted to the Western District of Michigan and may have no contact with anyone whom, to her knowledge, is or ever was involved in criminal activity related to environmental causes. She will […]

Frank Ambrose Pleads Guilty and agrees to cooperate with Federal Authorities

We have just been made aware that Frank Ambrose, one of Marie Mason’s co-indictees has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit Arson. Page 10 point 7 of Franks plea agreement states in part that “The defendant agrees to fully cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the signatory US attorneys offices […]

3/18/08 – **Update** Marie Mason

#mce_temp_url#We were able to see Marie on Sunday, March 16 for the first time since her arrest. We use the word ‘see’ loosely as her two 20 minute visits per week at Butler County Jail are conducted via video conferencing. This means that three of us packed into a small metal cubicle around a 12″ monitor with a small […]

Got Your Back Collective Statement

With all thats been going on its hard to comprehend its only been 5 days since our friend Marie was kidnapped from us. Over the past few days we have have received an avalanche of emails, phone calls, and even a few visits seeking details on Marie and her case. In order to better utilize our energy and support […]

3/15/08 Marie Mason Update/Flyer

Marie Mason Support Flyer We were able to speak with Marie briefly (her phone calls are limited to 15 minutes a couple of times a day). Despite all thats happening she remains in good spirits and is thankful for the love and support from everyone. Marie is presently being held in the Butler county jail awaiting transfer to […]

Michigan Eco-Indictment

Here is the actual indictment of the 4 known Michigan Greenscare Defendants. Michigan Eco Indictment At this time there’s a lot we don’t know. Please understand speculation, rumors, and hearsay help no one. We will be forthcoming with confirmed information on the current situation as it becomes available. Got Your Back Friends of Marie Mason P.O. […]