Further harrasment of Marie Mason supporters

We would like to make Marie’s friends and close supporters aware that recently individuals who have gone to visit Marie in Michigan have been pulled over for the most minor traffic violations by local law enforcement. A situation that should result in a warning or quick ticket turns into an interrogation of the identity, intent, and associations everyone in the vehicle.

We believe this to be another form of harassment and attempt to isolate Marie likely being directed at Marie’s friends and supporters from the FBI or some other related alphabet soup gang. If you are planing on visiting Marie it is best to give the vehicle you are traveling in a look over for any violation that could result in a ticket. You should also have the vehicles registration and insurance papers in order. The driver should have a valid drivers license on him or her. This wont stop them from pulling you over but will hopefully make the interaction go smoother.

Thanks to a recent supreme court ruling you are REQUIRED to identify yourself to law enforcement on request. Outside of this we would like to remind everyone that they are under no obligation whatsoever to speak with law enforcement under any circumstances without an attorney present. Additionally, if you do choose to speak to law enforcement, and are found later to have been untruthful in any way, this constitutes basis for criminal prosecution. Its perfectly legal for law enforcement to lie to you but it is a criminal act for you to lie to them.

The National Lawyers Guild has established a hotline, 888-NLG-ECOL, for individuals arrested, subpoenaed or questioned for offenses related to environmental or animal activism. We encourage people to call the NLG hot line if you are contacted by law enforcement and would like to consult with an attorney on these matters.

We wanted to get the word out so folks will not be caught off guard if this does happen. We are not going to allow these scare tactics to keep us away from visiting and supporting Marie and we encourage others to do the same. The best way to show the state that we will not be intimidated by these petty scare tactics is to continue on with any plans to visit Marie. Being separated from her community and young daughter is already stressful enough on her. We cannot let the state further isolate her and intimidate us in her time of need.

Its all about the Struggle,


Friends of Marie Mason

P.O. Box 19065

Cincinnati, OH 45219