How you can help Midwest Green Scare Defendant Marie Mason prepare for trial

We have received word of a tentative trail date for Marie in early August.
With the possibility of a trial only a few months away please keep in mind
that time is of the utmost importance with the following request.

Marie’s attorney has requested for articles pertaining to to the below
subjects. While digital format is preferred any format will be accepted.
Please email any info you feel relevant to or mail to
the below address.

Marie needs all the help and support she can get right now. Please do what
you can.

Solidarity is a Weapon,

C/o Friends of Marie Mason
P.O. Box 19065
Cincinnati, OH 45219

We are requesting that any articles sent be from “from mainstream media or
science sources for enhanced credibility”.

1) articles about the dangers and limitations of GMO foods/ crops

2) specifically, the work that Catherine Ives was doing at MSU around 2000

3) articles on Greenspace and global warming (buffering action). These we
could also pass on to Maketewah for their work on the anti-development
campaigns. Maybe the city of Toledo would be a source, as they are
developing a greenspace policy.

4)articles on deforestation, or in general about imminent environmental
collapse (Joseph Speth, Naomi Klein are some recent “credible” authors)

5) We are also seeking recent cases that might help with sentencing advice
(ie non political arson cases, vandalism cases) for comparison.