A Thank You from Marie Mason to All Who Wished Her Happy Birthday

Greetings Family and Comrades, Well-wishers, fellow activists, anarchists (and non-be/quantifiable),

I want to say thank you for all of the amazing and sweet greetings, cards, letters, photos and artwork that people sent me in response to the event in January. Mail was held up for a bit, but I think that it has all been processed and passed on to me by now.

It was the most incredible inspiration to hear from so many folks working to defend animals, Earth and human rights from so many places! I have learned so much. People sent their stories about great campaigns and histories of struggle, creation stories and poetry, their own beautiful artwork and so much love in words.

I have been really trying to write as many folks as I can, and am always sad that I am limited by the number of stamps they allow us and by whether contact is approved. Please know that I was touched and encouraged by whatever you sent (not a mean word in the bunch), and that it meant a lot to have been given a push by my community.

I have been processing a lot of my own history this year, probably just a function of so much isolation and time spent in confined quarters. In my former buy valium free life, if I was faced with difficult decisions or sadness, trauma or trouble I would go to the woods and hike, or swim in one of my beloved Great Lakes to find solace and focus. The natural world is my source of strength and my comfort. It has been hard to be unable to walk on the ground, touch a tree or see the sky without metal in between. Prison on the compound was one level of removal from life, but this is another level of intensity entirely.

So it was a joy to be able to hear from so many folks actively working in service to this Earth, to be inspired by you all and to be comforted to know that, though I am no longer able to walk with you, that you are continuing the journey forward. That is my comfort now. Thank you all, for your work, for your kindness and for the incredible support that you have offered me and so many others. It makes me feel still part of a community of resistance, still part of the world.

Never give up, never give in – until all are free and this Earth is healed and loved again.

In love and solidarity, Marie