A message and painting from Marius commemorating World Oceans Day

“We’ve celebrated Earth Day every year since 1970.  But this day committed to being mindful of the importance of the oceans has only been happening since 2008.  With the recent oil spill in the Santa Barbara coast and with the now melted polar seas open for both navigation and oil exploration – it is fitting that we take time as citizens of the world to reflect upon the fact that the oceans and the life they sustain are the underpinnings of the health of the planet as a whole.

From the smallest lifeforms, the plankton community, comes the replenishment of our atmosphere.  We are as dependent upon the tiny plant and animals that make up the plankton; as the fish, mantas and whales who feel upon them directly.  The oceans touch every continent and any damage to them is felt throughout the ecosphere.  They regulate temperature and help absorb some of the heat produced by human activities.  – thus slowing the process of global warming from what is would otherwise become, moderating climate.  The oceans supply half our oxygen and absorb CO2 releasing into the atmosphere – but the oceans capacity to cleanse and support our world is quickly becoming overwhelmed,  what we decide to do now to protect our oceans is one of the most important questions facing humanity and will save our future or seal our doom.

Remember Deepwater Horizon, the Exxon disaster and the Santa Barbara spill – and stop Shell from defiling the Arctic,  Act to defend the seas,

Love and solidarity (on June 8th and every day)


This painting was made by putting deodorant on an ad page in my magazine and swirling the color to make a kind of scratch board…The image was made using a plastic spoon tip.”
A World of Plankton