“For Naelyn Pike (San Carlos Apache) standing with Standing Rock” by Marius


“This painting is another in a short series of portraits of resistance activists at the Standing Rock reservation to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Construction on part of it had been temporarily halted, but the fight is far from over.  So many people have come together to defend the tribe’s land and water rights- and to speak for a more sane and responsible way to live on this Earth.  Ms. Pike has such an amazing wrote, a warning that we must change how we live, if we want a future for all of our children,  Naelyn Pike was quotes as saying this- ‘Our ancestors are looking at the people with tears in their eyes because they know all the pain and suffering yet to come. They know there is no tomorrow for those yet to be born.’  She’s right.  It’s up to us, this generation to turn it around… there’s no more time to lose.”


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