Chimpanzees and Sea Turtles


Pan Troglodytes verus/Western Chimpanzee

Marius writes:
“The painting is of a chimpanzee in Moyen-Bafing National Park. In Guinea, there is a proposed 294 mega-watt hydro-electric dam which could cause the death of the 1500 which inhabit the park. This subspecies of chimpanzee has suffered habitat loss over the last 20 years causing their numbers to drop by 80%.
Since chimpanzee bands are territorial, the dislocation created by the dam, and subsequent flooding, will push bands of chimps into already occupied territory. This can result in turf wars which can become deadly.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is tracking the situation and has documented their concerns in a recent report. Many conservationists are protesting the proposed dam.
Just one more instance where our energy consumption is crowding out and damaging other species. How do we stop being so greedy?”(Chimp sanctuary created by World Bank threatened by World Bank-backed dam)

Green Turtle and Sea Grass

Marius writes:
“This painting is in response to an article in Science magazine about the effects of habitat loss, mostly from sand dredging for development that kills off sea grasses and the destruction of the sea floor ecology, on species such as green turtles, dugongs, and fish.”(Asia’s hunger for sand takes toll on ecology)