Report Back: The Outside from the Inside

Painting of Hornbill bird, mutlicolored thick beak, black feathers

Update on opening of Marius Mason’s prison painting exhibit at the Railroad Square Cinema. The opening took place September 20th. David Rovics performed, and Leslie James Pickering, from Buffalo’s Burning Books bookstore, a former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front from 1997 to 2002, spoke about Marius and Earth Liberation.

Marius’ artwork will be on display till Nov. 4th. Be sure to check it out!

Read David Rovics’ account of the show and visit with Marius:

“The same barbed wire, the same manicured little lawns outside the same impossibly thick, automatic steel doors.  Three plastic chairs and a plastic table were set out for us to sit around in the visiting room…” Continue to read about David’s visit on his blog.